Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

What might have happened to the female Receiver?

As you know from the book you see that the female Receiver is hated in the community and no one even is allowed to speak out her name because she didn't accept the Assignment to be the next Receiver of Memorys.
But in the book you don't get to know what happened to her. It could be possible that she was released because she did something very bad (that is what the community members think). She also could be somewhere far away from the other people so no one can see her. Or she could be locked in a room so that she would be excluded from the community. Another possibility is that she could have been killed because she did something bad. Or maybe she is living somewhere with her family and friends and the community has agreed that she isn't allowed to show herself the community. It could also be possible that the community has changed her face so no one could recognize her. But why sould the community exclude her from the community? It could be possible that they don't want the next Receiver to learn from the female Receiver bad things. Than there wouldn't be any next Receiver of Memorys.


  1. i think this is a good work to think about what is happened to the female reciever of memories:D
    so anyone can imaginate for him/herself what happened to her! gooooooood job bro:D

  2. Wahid,

    You've found quite a gap of the novel here - I have been asking myself what must have happened to her so that her selection failed.
    You offer a lot of possible options and elaborate on their likeliness. I'm curious whether we'll find out in the end what really happened...

    PS: They dont want the new Receiver to learn bad things from the female Receiver (mind the sentence structure)