Dienstag, 5. April 2011

I found this picture in google and it shows Jonas (chapter 7) and how the other children are watching at him very surprised at the ceremony of twelves when he was skipped. So I decided to write him a letter.

Dear Jonas,
I red your story when you were at the ceremony oft he twelve’s and I was (as you can probably think) also very surprised that the Chief Elder skipped you, so I decided to write you a letter to tell you what I think about it. I tried to find reasons why she skipped you, but the only reason I could find was that you had no special hobbies and you did different things, so I thought that it was hard or maybe impossible for the Chief Elder to find the right Assignment for you, but I think that it was wrong from the Chief Elder to skip you and ignore you. I can imagine how you felt like at the ceremony, when it is very quiet, when all people in a room look at you, and I think that you were probably scared. I would be glad if you could write me back, and please write me also what you were thinking and feeling at that time, if it doesn’t matter for you. And please tell me how you could handle it.
I’m waiting for your letter.
Yours, Wahid

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  1. Dear Wahid,

    thank you for your post. Good work on finding the picture; there's a lot of details the painter put into it - the childeren even wear their number badges!

    It's an interesting idea to write a letter TO Jonas about the ceremony and about our feelings for Jonas as a reader. I am sure that your letter would have comforted Jonas.

    Some feedback on language:
    - find a picture on / with the help of google
    - to look at sb / to watch sb
    - to read-read-read
    - Ceremony of Twelves
    - it was wrong OF the CE
    - if you could wirte back to me (sentence structure)
    - if that's not too private