Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Chapter 20

Dear Diary,
Today was a really hard day for me. Today the Giver told me that those people who are released are not free, so how I thought till now. They are killed, and as evidence he showed me the film how one of he twins was released (or killed). I was more shocked about the fact that those people who release this people don’t know what they do. They haven’t got any emotions and they kill them as if they are animals or something like that.
I was very sad and I wanted to cry, so the Giver tried to comfort me and then he told me that he and I are the only persons in this community who have feelings and in his opinion (and it is my opinion too) memories have to be shared. So he told me that he had a plan how we could share the memories with the whole community. When he told me that he has a plan I was really surprised because I didn’t think that the Giver is such a person. I always thought that he is a boring and scary person.
So here is the plan: I have o escape to Elsewhere and if I am successful the memories will be shared with the entire community and the people will get some wisdom. At the beginning I thought that the community will transfer the memories to the next Receiver of Memories, but as I realized there is just one girl who can be the next Receiver, but she is only six, lucky me.
So the detailed plan: The Giver will start to transfer the memory of courage to me so that I will be able to o to elsewhere on my own. The night before the ceremony I will go out and hide my bicycle and my clothes at the river. Then I will walk to the Annex where the Giver is waiting for me. I will leave a notice at home so that my parents think that I have left for an early bike-ride. So they have to go to the Ceremony without me and all people will be so much wrapped in the ceremony that no one will notice my absence. Meanwhile the Giver will order a vehicle, he will send away the driver and then he will hide me in the truck.
When the community finds my clothes and my bicycle at the river, the Giver will tell them that I have been drowned in the river. So the Memories are released and the Giver will help them to handle with the memories.
I want the Giver to escape with me but he says that he is too old and that he can’t see the colors anymore. He wants to stay and he wants to help the community and after that, he wants to stay with his daughter, Rosemary!!!!! I was really surprised when he told me that he had a daughter! He never mentioned her name!
So this is the plan. I am very scared because if the plan doesn’t work, they will kill me! And I have to go the whole way alone since the Giver doesn’t want to come with me. I will also miss my family, and I hope that they love me when they got the memories and I hope that they never forget me. Hopefully I can get back to this community one day, although they think that I’m dead. What a hard day.
Yours, Jonas

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  1. Wahid,
    I really liked reading Jonas' diary entry. You have not only managed to fit in the most important facts about the escape plan, but also you gave the reader of the diary entry the feeling that he / she could read Jonas' thoughts and feelings concerning the release and the plan to free the memories by the dangerous escape pf Jonas. What do you personally think about the plan? Is it a good one? Is there no other solution to give the memories back to the community's members in an easier way that does not hit people out of a sudden with all the memories? Well, I hope you are curious to find out whether the plan works out or not...

    - indirect speech => backshift of tenses
    - to handle sth. / to deal with
    - does he passively drown?! check that you use the active here.