Dienstag, 19. April 2011

post reading activity

I had a lot of fun working on my blog. I only didn’t like it that we had to write always to every two chapters 100 till 400 words. So that was the homework for the next lesson (sometimes we had just 2 days time) so I wasn’t able to make my homework (although we had 2 months time to work on our blogs). Beside English I have got 10 other subjects in which I also have to do my homework and in some of them I had to learn for class tests. Beside that I have every day till 4 o’clock School and after that I want to pursue my hobbies. That was the reason why I wasn’t able to post anything at the beginning.
I liked that that you (I don’t know whether you believe me or not) spoke to me and said to me that I have to work on my blog and that the Reading-Blog is important for my mark.
In this time I learned to work and learn on my own, but I don’t know whether this was the only goal of this project.
I am missing your comments on my last 3 Posts!!!

Chapter 20

Dear Diary,
Today was a really hard day for me. Today the Giver told me that those people who are released are not free, so how I thought till now. They are killed, and as evidence he showed me the film how one of he twins was released (or killed). I was more shocked about the fact that those people who release this people don’t know what they do. They haven’t got any emotions and they kill them as if they are animals or something like that.
I was very sad and I wanted to cry, so the Giver tried to comfort me and then he told me that he and I are the only persons in this community who have feelings and in his opinion (and it is my opinion too) memories have to be shared. So he told me that he had a plan how we could share the memories with the whole community. When he told me that he has a plan I was really surprised because I didn’t think that the Giver is such a person. I always thought that he is a boring and scary person.
So here is the plan: I have o escape to Elsewhere and if I am successful the memories will be shared with the entire community and the people will get some wisdom. At the beginning I thought that the community will transfer the memories to the next Receiver of Memories, but as I realized there is just one girl who can be the next Receiver, but she is only six, lucky me.
So the detailed plan: The Giver will start to transfer the memory of courage to me so that I will be able to o to elsewhere on my own. The night before the ceremony I will go out and hide my bicycle and my clothes at the river. Then I will walk to the Annex where the Giver is waiting for me. I will leave a notice at home so that my parents think that I have left for an early bike-ride. So they have to go to the Ceremony without me and all people will be so much wrapped in the ceremony that no one will notice my absence. Meanwhile the Giver will order a vehicle, he will send away the driver and then he will hide me in the truck.
When the community finds my clothes and my bicycle at the river, the Giver will tell them that I have been drowned in the river. So the Memories are released and the Giver will help them to handle with the memories.
I want the Giver to escape with me but he says that he is too old and that he can’t see the colors anymore. He wants to stay and he wants to help the community and after that, he wants to stay with his daughter, Rosemary!!!!! I was really surprised when he told me that he had a daughter! He never mentioned her name!
So this is the plan. I am very scared because if the plan doesn’t work, they will kill me! And I have to go the whole way alone since the Giver doesn’t want to come with me. I will also miss my family, and I hope that they love me when they got the memories and I hope that they never forget me. Hopefully I can get back to this community one day, although they think that I’m dead. What a hard day.
Yours, Jonas

Montag, 18. April 2011

Chapter 16+17

Why do you think Jonas put off/ throw away his pill (for the stirrings)?
I think that it could be possible that Jonas wants to have dreams (sexual dreams) and he wants to tie his dreams and that what he feels with the memories he got from the giver. He wants to feel different feelings and he maybe wants to discover new things that other people didn’t feel/discover till now, for example the colors. Jonas wants to see the color of the skin of the humans he dreams about and he will get another (sexual) feeling.
The other possibility is that Jonas wants to have a change (which is in my opinion more probable than the first possibility) in the community. It is a rule to take this pill and now Jonas puts them off. So he broke a rule and I think that he now tries to change other things, too (for example the rules in the community). This was the first step of Jonas for trying to change some things in this community.  

Dienstag, 12. April 2011

Wordle chapter 13


This is a different kind of summarizing a text. I made it with "Wordle". This "program" writes those words which are repeated very often bigger than the others.

Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

Characterization of The Giver (chapter 11/12)

The Giver is the former Receiver of Memories. He kept all the memories of the Community and now it is his job to transmit the Memories to Jonas. Because of the heaviness of the Memories and the pain that some of the Memories gave to him he looks older than he is.
The Giver has pail eyes, like Jonas. So you can see that both of them have to do this job and you know that they are the only persons in this community (and Gabriel) that have pale eyes.
The Giver is the most important person in this community because he has all the memories and he has to tolerate all this pain, although he didn’t choose this Assignment for himself, he was chosen for this Assignment.
In my opinion the Giver has a lot of wisdom/ is wise because Jonas says that the Giver has a lot of power. But the Giver corrects him and tells him that he hasn’t got a lot of power, he has got a lot of honor. I think that this is wise because he knows that with these Memories he can’t do anything. He is not allowed to do anything without the permission of the community and he is not allowed to use them. So he only keeps the Memories and this is the reason why he thinks that he is powerless. But he thinks that he has got a lot of honor instead of power because he knows that all people know that he is the most important human in this community. He is something special and he is different from the others and he has the qualities a Receiver/Giver should have. This is the reason why the Giver thinks that he has got a lot of honor. In my opinion the people in this community don’t know why they should respect an old man. I think they do it because it is a rule in this community and it would be rude to ask for the reason and they could even be released from the community.
The Giver is a very experienced/the most experienced man in this community because he is the only one who has got the Memories and he can see all things from different views in contrast with the people in the community. This is also the reason why he is a knowledged man.

What might have happened to the female Receiver?

As you know from the book you see that the female Receiver is hated in the community and no one even is allowed to speak out her name because she didn't accept the Assignment to be the next Receiver of Memorys.
But in the book you don't get to know what happened to her. It could be possible that she was released because she did something very bad (that is what the community members think). She also could be somewhere far away from the other people so no one can see her. Or she could be locked in a room so that she would be excluded from the community. Another possibility is that she could have been killed because she did something bad. Or maybe she is living somewhere with her family and friends and the community has agreed that she isn't allowed to show herself the community. It could also be possible that the community has changed her face so no one could recognize her. But why sould the community exclude her from the community? It could be possible that they don't want the next Receiver to learn from the female Receiver bad things. Than there wouldn't be any next Receiver of Memorys.

Dienstag, 5. April 2011

I found this picture in google and it shows Jonas (chapter 7) and how the other children are watching at him very surprised at the ceremony of twelves when he was skipped. So I decided to write him a letter.

Dear Jonas,
I red your story when you were at the ceremony oft he twelve’s and I was (as you can probably think) also very surprised that the Chief Elder skipped you, so I decided to write you a letter to tell you what I think about it. I tried to find reasons why she skipped you, but the only reason I could find was that you had no special hobbies and you did different things, so I thought that it was hard or maybe impossible for the Chief Elder to find the right Assignment for you, but I think that it was wrong from the Chief Elder to skip you and ignore you. I can imagine how you felt like at the ceremony, when it is very quiet, when all people in a room look at you, and I think that you were probably scared. I would be glad if you could write me back, and please write me also what you were thinking and feeling at that time, if it doesn’t matter for you. And please tell me how you could handle it.
I’m waiting for your letter.
Yours, Wahid