Donnerstag, 3. März 2011


okay........I hope that the book will be interesting and funny. I never heard of that book and only with the title "The Giver" I can't imagine what the story in this book is about and what is going to happen.
The cover of the book is very boring and there are only two people so this cover doesn't tell me anything about the story, too. My first impression of this book is not so good (only the cover) because I think that it is going to be boring, but as I know my english teacher she is going to make it very funny!
Tomorrow I will sum up the content of the first two chapters and now I will start reading. I hope it makes fun!

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  1. If you say the cover seems boring to you . can you say why? What would you change to have a more exciting book cover? Have you started reading yet? I'm looking forward to your summary!